28. Jun Global: Humanitarian Advocacy in the Western Balkans.

28. Jun Global is the advocacy division of 28. Jun, an international humanitarian organization in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC).

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Humanitarian Advocacy Efforts Without Compromise.

As our organization operates in areas where populations face routine violations of fundamental human needs — we have developed advocacy strategies to alert, inform, and influence decision-makers and politicians via international bodies such as the United Nations. Undertaking humanitarian advocacy efforts enables our organization to engage in political arenas without threatening our projects, access to vulnerable groups, the security of our volunteers, or our neutrality.

3 Levels of Humanitarian Advocacy.

Program Level Advocacy

At the program level, our advocacy is grounded in effectively delivering humanitarian assistance by addressing impediments to a vulnerable population’s access to life-sustaining resources and services.

Policy Level Advocacy

At the policy level, engaging in advocacy can support humanitarian values, improve policies and their implementation, secure or protect humanitarian spaces, and propose new or challenge existing funding priorities.

Public Opinion Advocacy

At the level of public opinion, advocacy aims to enlist, organize and shape public support of necessary legislative or policy changes.

Effective advocacy efforts occur at all levels simultaneously.

To achieve influence, advocacy strategies may take numerous shapes, including the collection and dissemination of field expertise, analysis and recommendations to all relevant stakeholders. The collection and dissemination of expertise depends heavily on the sensitivity of material and corresponding context. Humanitarian advocacy offers pathways to political influence for apolitical organizations like 28. Jun.

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Humanitarian politics require organized activism on behalf of humanitarian values and outcomes. We remain impartial in our field efforts, while simultaneously recognizing that advocacy paves way for humanitarian politics that strive to create a brighter tomorrow.


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