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  • We appraise the effectiveness of our work by the number of people we help and how their needs are met over a prolonged period.

    Our first step is to identify neglected regions and establish contact with reputable local institutions to facilitate the distribution of aid. Once the partnerships are cemented we ask the community to identify their needs by making a 'wish list'. Our global network then begins the process of acquiring the supplies and the funds needed for transport.

  • Minimizing the politicization of our work in regions where clientelism is rampant proved to be challenging.

    We counter this reality with a culture of transparency and accountability through partnership building, unprecedented documentation and most importantly tangible results. Aid is first independently appraised to justify transportation costs before being photographed, labeled, documented and finally shipped.

  • Regional coordinating mechanisms like the Red Cross and creditable religious institutions are designated as consignees while 28. Jun recruits members from the affected communities to enhance local capacity.

    Once the donation reaches its destination our partners and volunteers check inventory lists to confirm the entirety of the aid has arrived before distributing it to the population.

  • The media is invited to cover the entire process which further demonstrates our commitment to transparency to our members, supporters and beneficiaries.

    Additionally, an even more detailed record of the procedure is broadcast over our extensive social media platform which is updated daily. A follow up report is conducted 6 months after each delivery to assess how the aid is being utilized and how we can improve in the future.


28. Jun is the first humanitarian organization from the Western Balkans to be granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations.


28. Jun has delivered 250 tons of humanitarian, medical and disaster relief aid worth over $12.8 million to the Western Balkans since 2012.


28. Jun’s 1000+ members have held events in over 120 cities across 30 countries, collectively contributing over 3 million volunteer hours.


28. Jun has 300,000 donors, 1.8 million newsletter subscribers and 1.6 million followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.


28. Jun led the global response to the historic 2014 Southeast Europe floods, airlifting material donations from Walmart, Gatorade and Target.


28. Jun helped thousands of families across the Western Balkans and estimates 3.4 million people have directly benefited from the aid delivered.


28. Jun submitted a petition signed by 150,000 people to UNESCO calling for the protection of Serbian cultural heritage in Kosovo and Metohija.


28. Jun launched Serbs For Good to build a global network of Serbs united in preserving cultural heritage and sharing humanitarian responsibility.

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Building Community


Sincere in philanthropic spirit with a proven mechanism for scaled success, we strive to realize our vision in which all vulnerable people are provided for with dignity and efficiency.

What’s in a Name?

June 28th in the Gregorian Calendar is the feast day of St. Vitus, the patron saint of protection against storms.

Being an organization which exists to assist the needy through stormy times, we found it appropriate to name ourselves 28. Jun, a stylized spelling of June 28th.