February 13, 2020

$100,000 USD Donated Toward Sustainable Development to Serbian Community in Croatia

Our sustainable development project in Croatia — ‘Krajina Zivi’ — which aims to provide economic stimulus to the Serbian community in Croatia, has surpassed $100,000 USD in investments over the past year! The focus has been to improve livability through everything from rebuilding houses to academic scholarships to purchasing tools, livestock and farming equipment.

We decided to further invest into the most vulnerable and vital members of this community, the children, which is why last November we launched our Children Poverty Eradication Program providing 25 children with monthly sponsorships. Sponsoring a child has proven to be the most effective long term solution in fighting poverty and creating hope for the future.

Detailed PDF reports are available for both the ‘Krajina Zivi’ & ‘Children Poverty Eradication Program’ initiatives. Our sustainability work for the Serbian minority in Croatia is critical for their continued survival. All donations marked ‘Krajina’ in the ‘Dedicate this Donation’ section on 28jun.org/#donate this month will by matched by an anonymous donor!