October 19, 2023

Fostering Educational Equality: Our ‘Back to School’ Initiative’s Impact and Partnerships

In the current year, our ‘Back to School’ initiative manifested as a strategic investment in education, realized through the provision of laptops to educational institutions spanning the regional landscape. Our project’s fruition was significantly propelled by a collaboration with the AO Foundation, an esteemed organization that recognized our contributions and chose to join forces in extending the invaluable gift of education to underserved children. We express our deepest gratitude for their unwavering support, trust, and benevolence. The collective value of the laptops, generously bestowed upon various schools, nearly reaches the remarkable sum of $130,000.

Education, a pivotal catalyst for both social and economic advancement, assumes a central role in our mission. Notably, there exist students who are without access to personal computing devices or internet connectivity within their households. By supplying laptops to educational institutions, we have diligently endeavoured to rectify this disparity, fostering an equitable educational environment wherein every student, irrespective of their socioeconomic circumstances, is bestowed with an equal opportunity to excel academically.

Our multifaceted project encompassed the distribution of laptops to schools situated in Southern Serbia, Vojvodina, Kosovo i Metohija, and Bosnia. Furthermore, additional deliveries under this project are currently in progress, and we pledge to furnish you with comprehensive updates upon their successful conclusion.