April 16, 2024

Vision 2026

Vision 2026 represents a pivotal 30-month capital campaign, running from April 15, 2024, to our 15th anniversary on October 15, 2026. The initiative is focused on achieving three key goals:

• Maintaining 28. Jun’s status as one of the leading humanitarian organizations in Eastern Europe.

• Sustaining 28. Jun’s position as one of the premier lobbying organizations in the Western Balkans.

• Expanding 28. Jun’s role as an international disaster relief organization.

We will be allocating $6 million over the next 3 years to special projects aimed at achieving our goals. These projects will focus on key areas such as supporting vulnerable groups (children, women, and the elderly), addressing poverty and housing issues, improving healthcare and the environment, promoting sports and culture, and enhancing the economy and animal welfare.

We consider it our obligation to leverage our unique capabilities to take our mission to the next level during this period. This project stands as our most ambitious endeavor yet and will culminate in our 10th-anniversary Christmas project in the winter of 2026. We hope for your support as we strive to achieve the extraordinary before our 15th year.