December 27, 2021

28. Jun donates “Smart Recycling Boxes” that feed stray dogs to Belgrade

Humanitarian organization 28. Jun today donated to the Stari Grad municipality in Belgrade two vending machines that feed stray dogs and encourage recycling. The “Smart Recycling Boxes” are essentially vending machines that dispense dog food and water in exchange for recycled plastic bottles. The bottles are placed into slots at the top of the machine,…

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December 9, 2021

28. Jun’s Holiday Fundraiser 2021

For most of us, the Christmas holidays bring back our happiest childhood memories. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of children won’t have a chance to make these memories. Jovana and Milos are two of the 115,000 children in Serbia who live in absolute poverty. For them, the Christmas Holidays are not about presents but about survival….

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