December 8, 2020

2020 Humanitarian Recap


• Donated over 100,000 protective equipment items including N95 respirator masks, gowns, gloves and eye protective goggles worth nearly $1 million to help curb the pandemic in Serbia.

• Translated and distributed the leading manual for COVID-19 prevention and treatment to 200,000 medical personnel throughout the Western Balkans within days of its publication.

• Donated over $10,000 in financial assistance for Serbian children in Croatia, with each child receiving paying 50$ per month to help cope with the economic costs of the crisis.

• Donated 3 pallets of emergency food and supplies to orphanages, aged care facilities and women’s shelters throughout Serbia to assist in easing the burden of economic hardship.

• Created a data center for Serbs stuck abroad due to COVID-19 and shared our information with Serbian embassies around the world while providing emergency medicine and accommodation.

• Led an email and social media awareness campaign to consolidate the relief and response effort which resulted in over 10 million unique impressions among the global Serbian population.


We donated several tons of aid to women’s shelters in Sombor, Pancevo and Zrenjanin to mark a massive launch to our Women’s Project.

28. Jun Women is committed to empowering women in the Western Balkans. As one of the broadest campaigns in support of women’s mental and physical health, the core pillars of our initiative are ensuring women’s access to education, participation in sport and economic leadership. We will aggressively combat current issues of domestic violence and trafficking in the region. We strive to provide direct assistance and resources to women’s shelters and single mothers, while promoting positive role models to mentor young girls in their life and career goals.⁣

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This year we made battling child poverty our top priority! Under the ‘Child Poverty Eradication Program’ umbrella we invested over $500,000 into expanding four ongoining projects:

• ‘Their Future, Our Responsibility’ Project
• ‘No Child Left Out’ Project
• ‘Krajina Zivi’ Project
• ‘Help Serbian Families’ Project

Through these initiatives we provide; Christmas gifts, scholarships, school supplies, computers, clothes, groceries, hygiene products, sports equipment, medical supplies and home appliances to some of the poorest children and families in the Western Balkans. Renovation of homes and sports facilities as well as donations of farming equipment for long term economic stability round out our program. To learn more please visit