January 30, 2022

2021 Review: This year’s theme was the number 10

In 2021, every single month of the year set the record for donations! As we entered our 10th year, you have shown us that we have earned your trust. Now we want to show you how your trust in our work, and your generosity, helped those most in need.

During the Holidays, we distributed thousands of gifts to children in 10 locations throughout Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro. We helped 10 of the most desperate families in the region with shelter, food, electricity, medicine and provided means to earn a sustainable living. We donated to 10 causes which focus on feeding the hungry, educating and caring for children, fighting diseases and improving healthcare and strengthening and promoting our cultural heritage abroad. And lastly, we launched the first of 10 special projects, an initiative to encourage compassion for animals while reminding people to recycle.

In 2021, we distributed over $1 million worth of humanitarian aid. We assisted hundreds of needy families in the Western Balkans through our ongoing ‘Help Serbian Families’ project. We delivered 5 tons of disaster relief aid to Glina, after the earthquake, and to Pirot, after the floods. We donated equipment for children with cerebral palsy in Banja Luka. We continued to support Serbs in Krajina, highlighted by a trip to Belgrade and awarding of scholarships to Krajina children in partnership with Patriarch Porfirije. And finally, after a two-year hiatus we returned to the United Nations to fight for the interests of our people.

With a blazing finish to 2021, after 10 years, we have donated $9.7 million worth of humanitarian, medical and disaster relief to the Western Balkan region. Thank you kindly from all of us at your 28. Jun family, together, we have done it again!

Christmas gifts to children in 10 locations

1. Drvar
2. Vršac
3. Vučitrn
4. Kistanje (and surrounding area)
5. Bosansko Grahovo
6. Plandište (and surrounding area)
7. Benkovac (and surrounding area)
8. Doboj
9. Obilić
10. Valjevo

10 families we helped over the Holidays

1. Milan V. and family, Gornji Krnjin
2. Sanja M. and family, Leposavic
3. Bojan J. and family, Niš
4. Pavle V. and family, Novi Becej
5. Golub S. and family, Despotovac
6. Marko S. and family, Aleksandrovac
7. Dragana P. and family, Smrdelje
8. Mladen P. and family, Beograd
9. Ivana T. and family, Izbište
10. Milijana T. and family, Kladovo

$10,000 to causes we care about

1. Naša Kuća – Đevrske $2,000
2. Malagurski Cinema $2,000
3. Bayerisch-Serbisches Akademisches Forum $1,500
4. Plavi Krug Diabetes (In Memory of Sofia Bukvički) $1,000
5. Adelaide Crows Foundation (In Memory of Terry Norris) $1,000
6. Zajednički Frižider $500
7. Charity for Balkan Children $500
8. Novak Djokovic Foundation $500
9. Solidarna Kuhinja $500
10. Serbian Philanthropic Association $500