April 13, 2023

2022 Annual Report

Dear Friends,

In 2022 we doubled our previous record and donated nearly $3.1 million. In 2023, with your help, our aim is to double it again. Our organization did not use your outpouring of generosity to increase salaries or stash funds for a rainy day. All resources were put right back into our communities to help the most needy. We are facing unprecedented times, extreme poverty and income inequality in Serbia are at their worst since our movement was founded. To counter this, we will commit $2.8 million to urgent projects supporting families, communities, our institutions, and our environment. In 2022 we surpassed 3.4 followers on our social media and mailing list. We will leverage this network to spread the Serbian spirit of generosity home and abroad. Additionally, we will establish a permanent presence by opening our first office in Belgrade in order to be even more engaged with challenges on the ground. Serbia and the world have never needed us more. Everything leading up to this year has prepared us for the next chapter of our movement and we are excited to rise to the challenges together!

In Gratitude,


Full report PDF: https://28jun.org/reports/28J-Annual-Report-2022.pdf

Full report online version: https://28jun.org/reports/2022.html