December 13, 2015

28. Jun Assists Children Who Lost Their Mother

28. Jun seldom donates to individuals, as our main focus has been donating to hospitals, Churches, orphanages, shelters for women and centers for the disabled. However, when our members in the field encounter extraordinary situations we have made exceptions.

Yesterday, several long-time 28. Jun members brought up the case of Jovan and Predrag Djergovic from the village of Zagradje. As covered by the Serbian media, the two brothers aged 9 and 6, live in horrific conditions. Predrag has a speech impediment which developed when they lost their mother two years ago to cancer, her final agonizing moments played out in front of the young boys. They live with their father in a house which has no basic necessities, food is scarce, the boys do not own footwear without holes and their only toy is a bicycle with a missing wheel.


As told by the reporter, they have never seen a computer and do not know what the internet is, the floor of their house is covered in mud and mice walk on the boys as they sleep. We have decided to assist this family and help secure a brighter future for these two boys who have already endured so much in their young lives.