December 28, 2018

28. Jun Breaks Blockade With Humanitarian Delivery to Kosovo!

28. Jun today became the first Serbian humanitarian organization to circumnavigate the blockade imposed by Kosovo authorities on food imports from Serbia. A truck filled with emergency food supplies sent by 28. Jun’s branch in Montenegro arrived to Kosovo today, where it was received by local 28. Jun members who immediately began to give out the goods. 20 pallets of flour, cooking oil, canned food and vegetables were distributed to Serbian food banks and kindergartens ravaged by the blockade. Humanitarian foundation ‘Covekoljublje’ of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro of the Serbian Orthodox Church assisted with the delivery and 28. Jun’s Special Consultative Status with the the UN was utilized to pressure the Kosovo authorities.

A second, 40-foot, 8-ton container filled with medical equipment and supplies worth over $700,000, sent by the organization from Louisville, Kentucky, is expected to arrive to Serbia within the next few days. Shipments of Christmas gifts from 28. Jun teams in Switzerland, Germany and Austria have also reached their destinations and distribution has begun. 28. Jun estimates it will donate $1 M in aid during the Holiday season. On the policy front, 28. Jun delegates gave speeches at the UN three times in the past month, at the UN Headquarters in New York, Vienna and Geneva, about the escalating humanitarian situation in Kosovo and submitted a petition signed by 150,000 people calling for the protection of Serbian cultural heritage in KiM.