January 21, 2016

28. Jun Completes Holiday Deliveries, Makes ‘Help Serbian Families’ Monthly Project

After the incredible public response to helping the Djergovic family buy a new home this Holiday season, 28. Jun launched the ‘Help Serbian Families’ project. With the deliveries to the maternity ward in Kosovska Mitrovica and a donation to the Church of St. Elijah in Podujevo, along with the donation to the Bogavac family in Podgorica, we can now proclaim our holiday ‘Help Serbian Families’ project a success! With this being the final delivery it also completes the overall ‘Help Serbian Families’ project which saw us help Serbian families in Serbia, Republika Srpska, Krajina, Montenegro and lastly, Kosovo i Metohija, during the holiday season. 28. Jun will take the next few weeks to work out the details of a massive project we hope to begin this summer which will see us assist the 1000 poorest Serbian families in the Balkans.