May 1, 2016

28. Jun Helps 3 Families for Easter!

Our humanitarian campaign allowed for us to help the Stoijlković family (Radislav & Danijela, along with the children Anita, 22 & Nenad 13) by purchasing much needed food for them as well as desperately needed materials required for making their roof, which as you may remember was lost during a house fire. We were able to, thanks to your donations, purchase much needed material for Jevrem’s (disabled pensioner) house & roof, we were also able to purchase food for Jevrem. We would like to thank our volunteer Vesna Stojanović, from Leskovac for all of her hard work.


We would also like to advise you all and once again, thank all those who donated and supported our campaign to help Zlatibor & Dalibor, two refugee brothers from Krajina, who now live near Obrenovac. Our campaign has allowed for us to purchase the much needed material required for their house, which has until now been unlivable in, due to lack of insulation & other basic requirements. We will be making the delivery of materials on Saint George/Đurđevdan.