March 2, 2022

28. Jun launches huge project for maternity wards in Serbia!

’28. Jun Women’ was formed several years ago as a special division of the international humanitarian organization, 28. Jun, with the goal of empowering women in the Western Balkans. To mark our 10th anniversary year, we carefully planned a project which is extremely important to everyone, not just women — the ‘Donacija Ljubavi’ project.

With this initiative, we want to draw attention to one of life’s most beautiful moments: when a baby is born and when a woman becomes a mother. Aware of the difficult conditions in maternity wards throughout Serbia and the region, we aim to improve the quality of service during the stay of mothers and newborns in the most neglected hospitals.

We believe this project to be just the beginning of a larger, awareness-raising movement, which will lead to more security and respect for mothers and their babies. During the month of March, which overlaps International Women’s Day, we seek both public and corporate donations to realize our shared goal of improving Serbia’s maternity wards.

‘Donacija Ljubavi’ — love for a new beginning, for a new life, for a new role. To learn more and to support please visit or email