November 7, 2022

28. Jun Renovates Elementary School Near Vranje

When we heard that students at Bora Stanković elementary school in the village of Barelić, 20 km from Vranje, go to school in a classroom full of mold, in which the ceiling threatens to collapse, we could not turn our heads. So, we sent our volunteers to help! Renovations took several months and included the following:

• Full renovation of walls and ceilings

• New windows, doors, and installation of new laminate

• New electrical installation and lighting panels

• New stove for heating the school

We also equipped each student with waterproof winter shoes, new backpacks, and school supplies. We donated new benches, chairs, a new blackboard, St. Sava icons, a new computer, geographical and historical maps, and an interactive globe, which will provide children with easier access to learning. However, what made the children the happiest were the new basketballs, volleyballs, and soccer balls, and that is how we ended our day – laughing and playing together!