June 27, 2021

28. Jun Spring Update!


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Cerebral Palsy Association working towards improving quality of life for children with CP

Every Christian holiday brings joy with it, and this Easter joy arrived in Banja Luka and brought with it help to our little friends with cerebral palsy. Thanks to all of you that donated, we managed to make many children happy with Easter gifts, specifically selected to their grade of CP disease. Even more important was the donation of four tricycles designed for the children to train their motor skills daily and be active at the same time.

What is normal everyday life for most people, for these children, is a challenge and a fight to lead a normal life. Riding a bike for the first time in their life, with mom and dad, has now become possible for these little ones. In order to facilitate their daily physical therapy, we contacted the City Administration of the City of Banja Luka, which promised to give them one of their spaces for the Day Center for the  CPossible Association.

Milica and her best friend Lana

The story you loved so much got its happy ending and brought a new beginning to the Rackov family! The much-needed refrigerator and washing machine were purchased, bringing relief and joy to mum. Dad received a large variety of tools to assist him with his job, empowering him to do a larger variety and number of jobs, resulting in a better income for the family.
The response from the people and the wish to help the family was incredible. A new bicycle was donated for Milica so she can use it to ride to the nearest bus station, instead of walking the lengthy distance. The younger siblings were not left out, Miljana and Miljan also received bicycles. In addition, new sneakers were purchased for everyone, a brand new cupboard for the bedroom, essential food and hygiene items, and even a little pool for children! And of course, we did not forget the hero of this story, Lana the dog, who received food, toys, and a new kennel.

A new house for Dragoslav!

After our visit to little Dragoslav and his mother in January, we joined the action of building a home for this wonderful family. Weather and field conditions have finally enabled the beginning of construction near Ivanjica and their dreams are slowly being woven with your and God’s help. We donated the funds for the roof material and roof construction, concrete, Styrofoam, tiles, paint, and much more. Including furniture for the boy’s room which was completely covered by our partner JYSK. What remains for us is to encourage and follow the hard-working continuation of the home building and we eagerly await the upcoming photos of the work that we will share with all of you which made this possible!

We are deeply grateful for your constant support, as well as for your generous donations. If you want to help our most vulnerable families, please donate.