August 18, 2018

28. Jun Successfully Completes Youth Sports Project

This past Easter 28. Jun began our ‘Right To Play’ project to help overcome financial obstacles preventing some Serbian children from participating in organized sport. We are happy to announce that we have successfully concluded the project for 2018 with 3 successful deliveries to Dubica, Gracanica and Bor. In May we delivered new training equipment to Karate Club ‘Knespolje’ in Kozarska Dubica. In June our volunteers delivered 40 Nike Jerseys to the ‘FK 28. Jun’ youth soccer team from Gracanica. Finally, in August we delivered new uniforms and water bottles to the girls’ Handball Club ‘Bor-RTB’ in Bor. In the last 20 years Serbia’s athletes have been its most visible ambassadors to the world. What if our next generation of stars is too poor to even begin playing? Thank you to our supporters for helping us give ALL children the opportunity to play.