July 15, 2016

28. Jun & The Karic Foundation Announce Serbian Cultural Restoration Project


28. Jun and the Karic Foundation today announced a multi-year, Serbian cultural restoration project called ‘Serbian Heritage Revival’.

28. Jun kicked off the project with monetary donations to Serbian Churches and Monasteries in GracanicaBeraneKistanjeGlamocTreskavac and New York City. Long term sub-projects to support the monasteries in Zica, Pec and Krka are also under way.

Additionally the two organizations will work on the following:

  • retrieving valuable historical artifacts that disappeared from Serbian museums during WWI and WWII
  • encouraging Serbian students from the diaspora to finish their Higher Education studies in Serbia
  • promoting the legacy of leading Serbian intellectuals; Maric, Tesla, Pupin and Milankovic
  • encouraging traditional Serbian family values through the arts

To learn more about the aspects of the project which will be lead by the Karic Foundation CLICK HERE, to learn more about the aspects which will be lead by 28. Jun CLICK HERE.