June 10, 2016

28. Jun Visits Gracanica and Nis Medical Centers, Pledges Support

28. Jun delegation lead by President Filip Filipi Jankovic visited the Health Center in Gracanica and the Clinical Center in Nis and promised continued humanitarian assistance to Serbia’s impoverished south.

Filipi Jankovic inspected how the aid, valued at over $2 mil, delivered in 2012 and 2013 was being utilized. The team also met with Dr. Zoran Radovanovic, director of the Clinical Center Nis and head administrators of Health Center in Gracanica before visiting the storied Gracanica monastery and placing a ‘Kosovo je Srbija bracelet on the Bill Clinton statue in Pristina.

28. Jun is planning a series of fundraisers around the world to help fund the new medical equipment and is now also accepting corporate sponsorships in exchange for philanthropic publicity to our mailing list and social media which reaches nearly 1 million Serbs around the world. For more information please contact info@28jun.org