November 29, 2021

28. Jun will work with experts to prepare the Serbia Environmental Report for the United Nations

Of the myriad of environmental problems in Serbia, we are most concerned with the proposed Rio Tinto-operated Jadar lithium mine. As reported by The Guardian, Rio Tinto executives told EU officials that the development of the mine will begin after the March 2022 elections in Serbia. This amounts to strategic manipulation of Serbia’s democratic process by foreign corporations and governments.

As the regional implementation leader of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda in the Western Balkans, 28. Jun is obliged to communicate on the deteriorating ecological situation and its potential for humanitarian crisis. We will use our Special Consultative Status with the United Nations to enlist, organize and shape public support of necessary policy changes to benefit the people of Serbia.

Our report will be submitted to the United Nations, the Serbian Ministry of Environmental Protection and made public before the March 2022 elections. In addition to the communiqué, 28. Jun will make contributions in support of environmental projects to both municipal governments and civil society organizations in Serbia. Our foray into the battle to protect our land, air and water begins immediately.