January 10, 2017

A look back at our first 5 years!

28. Jun: A look back on what we achieved TOGETHER in our first 5 years…

October – 28. Jun launches first humanitarian project ‘Boj za Kosovo’ to raise funds for the Health Center Gracanica in Kosovo, Serbia.

June – 28. Jun announces the arrival of $1.5M worth of aid to Gracanica, Kosovo, Serbia and the successful conclusion of the global ‘Boj za Kosovo’ campaign.

August – 28. Jun embarks upon a second, ever-more ambitious undertaking – “Srpske Zemlje, Srpski Rod” – aiming to send $5M in humanitarian aid to Serbian people in need.

January – 28. Jun delivers 40 ft container filled with medical supplies and winter clothes worth $1M to Visegrad, Republika Srpska.

October – 28. Jun delivers 7,000 lbs of humanitarian and medical aid to the Serbian Orthodox Church in Knin, Croatia and Berane, Montenegro.

December – 28. Jun completes the 5th and final delivery of the historic ‘Srpske Zemlje, Srpski Rod’ project consisting of advanced medical equipment to the Medical Center in Nis, Serbia.

May – 28. Jun organizes global response to 2014 Southeast Europe floods with online campaign and donation centers all over Europe, North America and Australia.

June – 28. Jun directs the airlift of 30,000 lbs of urgent humanitarian relief directly into Belgrade from Toronto during the 2014 Southeast Europe floods.

August – 28. Jun delivers final humanitarian shipments worth $1.3M for the 2014 Southeast Europe floods to the Red Cross in Belgrade, Cacak and Obrenovac with 8 containers arriving via ship and 1 via airlift.

December –  28. Jun announces the conclusion of the ‘Heart of Hope’ project with successful deliveries to the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro and to orphanages in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Paracin and Doboj.

February –  28. Jun presents at the UN’s World Humanitarian Summit consultation for Europe in Budapest and meets the United Nations’ Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Valerie Amos.

July – 28. Jun announces a donation of $5,230 USD to WildCRU and the Hwange National Park from the sales of #CecilTheLion commemorative bracelets and future plans to promote fair treatment of animals in the Western Balkans.

October – 28. Jun starts ‘Save Refugee Families’ project with volunteers in Belgrade providing humanitarian assistance to refugees transiting through the Balkans.

November – 28. Jun successfully leads #NoKosovoUnesco digital campaign amassing 140,000 petition signatures and is publicly thanked by Prime Minister Vucic.

December – 28. Jun begins the ‘Help Serbian Families’ project to assist the 100 poorest Serbian families in the Balkans over the following year with a dozen deliveries throughout the region.

May – 28. Jun presents at the UN’s first ever World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul and meets UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Helen Clark, Administrator of the UN’s Development Programme.

June – 28. Jun heads the Youth Forum at the first ever Serbian Summit in Zurich under the auspices of the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chamber of Commerce with business magnate Rebecca MacDonald as honorary chair.

July – 28. Jun holds 300th event since formation in 2011 in Chicago and surpasses 500,000 followers across social media platforms and mailing list.

August – 28. Jun leads the march to mark the 21st anniversary since the expulsion of 250,000 Serbs from Croatia during ‘Operation Storm’.

September – 28. Jun presents Jelena and Novak Djokovic with the first of five, 5th anniversary awards, recognizing significant contributors, in Milan.

December – 28. Jun successfully completes the ‘Help Serbian Families’ project to assist the 100 poorest Serbian families in the Balkans.

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