March 31, 2022

Arsenijević family results! (This video made Serbia cry, first time little Sladjan saw a bathroom)

We did it!

Just over a month ago, we shared with you the heartbreaking story of the Arsenijević family from Krusevac. Živadinka is fighting terminal cancer while trying her best to leave her special needs boy, Sladjan, a warm home after she passes away. SRPSKI

With great joy, we want to share with you that TOGETHER, we made their dreams come true! We have moved the family into a warm, clean, fully furnished house until their permanent home is built! Their new home is closer to the hospital where Zivadinka receives cancer treatment and is closer to the special needs school Sladjan attends. To remove any worries for the family, we paid for all the utility bills in advance, stocked the fridge in their new home with food and sanitary supplies, purchased a brand new wardrobe and footwear for each family member and hired a carer to help Zivadinka as she bravely battles cancer. WATCH VIDEO


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We are fully committed to helping this family over the long haul, even before the move our volunteers visited the family weekly bringing medicine, food, clothes and sanitary supplies. We are also making a commitment to their community and to the city of Krusevac. Sladjan, being the generous boy that he is, wanted to share his new found joy, so we donated a dozen huge boxes of sweets and toys to his special needs school on his behalf! In addition, we donated a van-full of toys, school supplies, board games, maternity kits and clothes to the Krusevac Red Cross so they can assist more families just like this one!

Friends, most importantly, we showed this family, this community, this city, that they are loved! We showed them they are not forgotten and when one of us gets down, Serbs from all over the world come together to help. Thank you all for your support!.