September 1, 2019

Back to School Project Successfully Completed!

The beginning of the school year carries with it significant expenditures for parents, with that in mind the aim of our action was to help families with severe financial problems so that the children could begin the new school year without added stress. Throughout the year, we receive a large number of requests from parents seeking the most basic school supplies (notebooks, pens, backpacks) and this number increases dramatically in September as school begins.

We are pleased to inform you that this year, our organization has provided ’28. Jun Nikola Tesla’ scholarships which consist of school materials for all Serbian children in the Knin municipality of Kistanje in Krajina. The joy and gratitude of both children and parents was more than evident.

In Herzegovina, at “Petar Petrovic Njegos” school in Bileca, we met our goal and provided 60 first-grade students with backpacks full of school supplies so our little ones have a happy start to their school year.
“Parents and children were delighted and I made a new friend which is the greatest gift. Apart from the fact that school supplies brings material help, it also shows parents they still have someone who thinks of them. To me personally, such actions restore confidence in people. That there is goodwill in people. People are generally good, but many times situations make them appear selfish and self-serving. I really thank Darko, and your directors and all the people of goodwill from your organization. May they be alive and well for many summers!“ —School teacher Miodrag Parezanin
The goal of our project was exactly what the teacher stated; to help the community regain trust in one another and that by example we can illuminate the path for future generations. We did not inherit this world from our parents, but rather we are borrowing it our children. Let’s leave something for them to remember!