October 30, 2022

Baka Leposava and her disabled granddaughter could freeze this winter, this is why we need you

Milijana and her grandma, Leposava, live in a village so small that it’s not listed on the map. Residing in a remote mountain, 40km from Kladovo, their heart-breaking yet heroic story is one our volunteers cannot get off their minds. We first introduced you to Milijana in 2019 when she was 6 years old. Born with cerebral palsy and a serious kidney disorder, unable to speak, walk without assistance or eat solid food. Milijana has only known love from one person in her life; her grandmother.


Grandma Leposava is perhaps the most heroic individual we have come across in 11 years of humanitarian work. Since Milijana was born, her grandma has changed her catheter, changed her diapers, prepared her food and cared for her every need, every moment of every day. The fact that Milijana is kept in such good hygiene while living in a 100-year-old, mud house is a testament to the lion-hearted spirit of her grandmother, who has dedicated her whole life to caring for her.

Since we met the family, we have done everything we could to help, including delivering a new kitchen sink, refrigerator, bed mattress, blender, new wardrobe, diapers and regularly sending money for ongoing medical treatments. However, proper renovation or the construction of a new house in this remote area has proved extremely challenging. Because the family has lived off the land for generations, it is all they know and moving them to a different location is also not an option.

With winter soon approaching and the danger of collapse and mold becoming increasingly hazardous for Milijana and her grandma, we have no choice but to rent heavy equipment and force a prefabricated home up this remote mountain. Grandma Leposava will never beg the pharmacists for free catheters for Milijana again. Our plan is to get them in a warm home, take care of their medical costs and provide them with a dignified life. You can donate in the following ways:⁣

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