January 30, 2018

Children’s Christmas Project in Kosovo Successfully Completed

With your support we successfully delivered Christmas presents to every Serbian child living in the enclaves of Kosovo & Metohija! Our members along with our partners, humanitarian organization 038, made deliveries to Gracanica, Badovac, Susica, Velika Hoca, Orahovac, Osojane, Brestovik, Gorazdevac, Staro Gracko, Suvi Do, Rabovce, Novo Naselje, Kuzmin, Ugljare, Kosovo Polje, Livadje, Laplje Selo, Preoce, Caglavica, Donja Gusterica, Gornja Gusterica, Dobrotin, Partes, Pasjane and Budriga.

Around 2000 children received the gift packages, which were handed out by volunteers dressed as Santa and various cartoon characters. We are extremely satisfied with the results considering the short amount of time we had to realize our ambitious goal. The reaction to the project was so positive that we pledge to make it an annual event. All photos and video of the children receiving the gifts can be viewed on our Facebook page.

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