December 13, 2013

Delivery of Medical Container Worth $500,000 to Nis Completes Historic Project

Our fifth and final delivery of the ‘Srpske Zemlje, Srpski Rod’ project consisting of advanced medical equipment and other medical supplies was donated to the Medical Center in Nis, which is the main hospital for all of Southern Serbia. Director of the Center, Zoran Radovanovic, said that he, in agreement with the organization, sent them a list of what materials would benefit the hospital.

“This is one of the largest donations in Serbia” -Zoran Radovanovic


“This the end of an action which we worked on more than a year and a half, and the value of materials and equipment, although the official declaration says $400,000, would be more than EUR 500,000 on the domestic market. We got needles, scissors and the like, in an amount that will settle our compelling needs for several months” said Radovanovic.