January 27, 2023

From Kozara to Kosovo Polje, we had a record-setting Christmas Project this Year!

Our members were stretched to their very maximum to make this Holiday season our biggest yet. Hundreds of volunteers all over the world, dozens of partners, including the Rotary Club, and thousands of donors joined forces to bring the joy of Christmas to so many underprivileged children this year.

We donated thousands of Christmas gifts to children in Belgrade, Niš, Pirot, Vranje, Kraljevo, Kragujevac, Novi Pazar, Sombor, Despotovac, Feketic and Backi Sokolac in northern, central and southern Serbia. In Bosnia we delivered to Banja Luka, Kljuc, Grahovo, Livno, Istocno Sarajevo, Pale, Janja, and Doboj. In Kosovo and Metohija we delivered to Štrpce, Ugljare, Kuzmin and Priluzije. In Krajina we made deliveries to Benkovac, Smiljčić and Vrlika.

Our deepest thanks to everyone who supported us this year and we look forward to breaking the record again next Holiday season!

Srpski: https://nova.rs/vesti/drustvo/obradovali-vise-od-3-000-malisana-novogodisnjim-paketicima/