February 26, 2020

Making Dreams Come True with Red Star Belgrade!

During our Christmas delivery to children in Kursumlija, our volunteers met little Novak and he left quite an impression on them. Novak has 5% vision left in both eyes and treatments from “specialists” have brought his single father to financial ruin. Novak shared with us that he loves soccer — he’s a big Red Star Belgrade fan — and that he wants to be a harmonica player when he grows up.

Since that day, we couldn’t get little Novak out of our minds and we began organizing a very special surprise for our little friend. Over the weekend Novak thought he was coming to Belgrade for series of eye tests, but when he saw our team, he remembered them and realized immediately that something else was in store. While he was in town, we wanted him to forget his daily struggles and make a few of his wishes come true!

Our team took Novak and his father to a Red Star Belgrade match and the following day they attended a closed training session where Novak was able to meet all of the players. Absorbing every single little detail around him with a huge smile, Novak kept repeating how thankful he was. But we had one more surprise left for our little friend; after the match, in their hotel, we gifted Novak a new harmonica!

We would like to thank each and every one of you for sharing, donating, supporting and a massive thank you to the Red Star Belgrade club and management, who went way and beyond to make Novak’s dream come true!

Please support us in making dreams come true for kids just like Novak: https://28jun.org/donate