October 18, 2015

#NoKosovoUnesco Digital Campaign Kicks Off


We need 100,000 signatures in 72 hours to prevent Kosovo from joining UNESCO. 28. Jun is teaming up with famed film maker Boris Malagurski in a last ditch effort to nix Kosovo’s bid at UNESCO membership. We are aiming to collect 100,000 signatures before the decision is scheduled to take place on October 21st. 28. Jun has worked with the UN in the past and will use all our channels to influence the decision but we ask the public to make their voice heard. We invite all of the civilized world to protect the Serbian cultural, religious and historical heritage in the Southern Serbian province of Kosovo and sign the petition against the separatist government in Pristina being granted membership in UNESCO. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE HERE: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/NoKosovoUnesco