January 25, 2023

Phase Three in Building of Jasenovac Memorial

We have entered phase three – building the roof – on the Church of the Jasenovac Holy Martyrs in Medjuvodje. A portion of funds needed to proceed is still missing, so we have launched a billboard and commercial campaign in Republika Srpska and have a number (1414) residents of Bosnia can call to make a 1 KM donation.

Many people may be surprised to learn that despite several attempts, there is no Church in the area dedicated to the martyrs, many of whom were children, of the death camp. This is why 28. Jun and our partners will build the first Church in the Banja Luka diocese dedicated to victims of the Jasenovac concentration camp.

Please join us in honoring the martyrdom of Serbian men, women and children who perished on these grounds by supporting this important project.

BiH – Pozovi 1414 daruj 1 KM

Srbija – Pošalji SMS na 1733

PayPal – https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=4AL4WFKSD2TEY

GoFundMe – https://gofund.me/d6cd0a16

Srpski – https://serbiantimes.info/gradi-se-hram-jasenovackih-mucenika-srbi-iz-celog-sveta-cuvaju-uspomenu-na-nevine-ustaske-zrtve/