August 30, 2016

Serbian Ethno Village Video Everyone is Talking About!


Film maker and 28. Jun coordinator for the UK, Marko Randjelovic, has released a short documentary titled ‘Selo‘ (village). The largest Serbian Diaspora organization is supporting the video as part of their ‘Serbian Heritage Revival‘ project, to promote traditional Serbian family values through the arts and counter the degradation of Serbian culture in the mainstream media. The video explores the decline of village life in Serbia and is part of a larger effort to fight the depopulation of rural areas in the region. A second video documentary, which will focus on threatened Serbian communities, is already in the works and can be supported on:

Randjelovic add; “I made the video to highlight the looming issue of depopulating villages right across Serbia and the ex-Yu. Due to the rapid economic growth of the 50s onward, many children left their parents in the villages, never to return. Now as this generation come to pass, we will gradually start to see entire villages with colorful histories now becoming desolate settlements home only to the memories of what once was. And for the next documentary I want to show how vulnerable ethnic Serbs living in enclaves throughout the former Yugoslavia are and how their resilience and determination in the face of great animosity acts as an example to all of us. There’s something powerful we can learn from these people who against all the odds manage to maintain their culture and beliefs.”

Last week, 28. Jun joined acclaimed Serbian-Australian classical pianist, Julijana Sarac, in the release of her new video single ‘This Love‘. The video explores the “eternal nature” of the wind and was filmed on location at the historic Kalemegdan Fortress in Belgrade. Julijana started her career as a child in Serbia, before moving on to international competitions; winning the Vittoria Caffa Righetti Prize in 2002, and finishing third at both the Citta di Cortemilia international piano competition in 2003 and at the Asti international piano competition in 2011. All proceeds from the digital sales of the track will go towards 28. Jun’s charitable projects. To purchase the song online please visit: