August 18, 2022

This is an Elementary School in Serbia in 2022 (Shocking Pictures)

Black mold, no heat, crumbling walls, a roof which can cave in at any moment. These are the conditions in which 16 students from ‘O.Š Bora Stanković’ elementary school near Vranje must try to learn in.

While many of you spent your summer on the coast or in Belgrade, our volunteers have spent their summer in Serbia’s south. These pictures are why…The dying village of Barelić is typical for this region, once boasting a large school with many students, now only 16 remain, forced to study in appalling conditions.

Not for long! We plan to clean up, renovate and equip every student with school supplies, so they too, are given the same opportunity to succeed as their peers in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

We don’t have long before the start of the school year. We are their only hope at a brighter future. Please give generously:

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