January 10, 2021

Urgent Earthquake Relief for Serbs in Krajina

28. Jun will join earthquake relief efforts in Croatia with a focus on assisting the Serbian minority in the affected area. Our two phase response will begin with a lightning-quick action to distribute urgent humanitarian relief in the field to those hardest hit. Our second phase will draw on the experience of our sustainable development project in Croatia — ‘Krajina Zivi’ — which has been providing economic stimulus to the Serbian community for the past two years through rebuilding houses, academic scholarships and donations of tools, livestock and farming equipment.

28. Jun has vast experience with disaster response having led the global effort during the 2014 Southeast Europe floods. We maintained the logistical infrastructure to acquire, store and transport material donations worth over $1.3 million. We also airlifted 30,000 lbs of urgent humanitarian relief – the largest non-state donation during the natural disaster. Since 2012 we have delivered 216 tons of humanitarian aid worth $8.5 million to the region. Most recently, we donated over 100,000 protective equipment items worth $1 million to help curb the COVID-19 pandemic.


PayPal/Credit Card: https://28jun.org/donate/

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28. Jun is the first humanitarian organization from the Western Balkans to attain Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council in 2018, Association with the United Nations Department of Global Communications in 2019 and Participant with the United Nations Global Compact in 2020. We are also the only organization operating in the region to be vetted by CAF America – after having our financials, work in the field, measurable results and organizational structure thoroughly reviewed – making our donations tax deductible in the United States.