April 2, 2022

Urgent: Support the families of 8 miners killed in Soko coal mine!

An accident in Soko coal mine has killed eight miners and wounded 21 others.

The accident occurred at 4 a.m. on Friday when part of the mine collapsed, releasing the methane gas inside and suffocating the miners. Six of those killed are from Aleksinac, one from Vranje, one from Soko Banja. The youngest was only 31 years old and the oldest was 59. All of them left behind dependents; 18 children were made fatherless overnight.

The miners risk their lives for 500 Euros a month because it is twice the average wage in their region. We have confirmed information from workers at the mine that miners complained about the potential risk of methane poisoning for 10 days leading up to this horrific accident. The miners felt the ground shake, and the shift manager said the miners shouldn’t enter the part of the mine that collapsed. Their calls for help were ignored.

What is shocking and adds insult to this tragedy is that there is a full media black out of the story in Serbia because of the election on Sunday. A lot of Serbs only heard about the accident through social media and international media.

We are asking you today to donate to help us support the 18 children who woke up today asking for their fathers. These were working-class fathers, sons, and brothers. Risking their lives to support their families. The state media is ignoring their suffering, but we will not. We owe it to these men to be there for their children. Families left behind are grief-stricken and went without any clear explanation why their loved ones were sent to work to be suffocated.

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