February 14, 2023

We can’t forget Syria!

International aid must reach north-western Syria as soon as possible. In Syria, the earthquake came on top of existing emergencies. Years of war, a dire economic situation, the COVID-19 pandemic, and most recently, an outbreak of cholera had already plunged the region into a humanitarian crisis and pushed medical facilities to the brink!

According to the UN, over 80,000 search and rescue personnel are in Turkey. Due to sanctions and international isolation, Syria has only a small fraction of that with just 5% of earthquake-affected sites being covered. We believe politics should not hinder humanitarian assistance and this is why we plan to send the first medical and disaster relief aid from North America to Syria. The US government has lifted sanctions on humanitarian aid for 180 days giving us a window to help those who most need it now.

We have received lists of items most needed from doctors treating the wounded in the disaster area and are working to secure as many of them as possible. Our goal is to send the relief container before the end of the month. This gives us enough time to collect as much life-saving medical aid as possible while being able to deliver in time to make a difference. Please donate, share, or contact us to coordinate on where you can send supplies the medical workers desperately need. Let’s come together to show the Syrian people we have not forgotten them.

Project Partners: 28. Jun is an international humanitarian organization in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations. Founded in 2012, to date we have delivered 250 tons of humanitarian, medical, financial and disaster relief aid worth $12.8 million to the Western Balkans and other parts of the world. Founded in 2021, as a subdivision of the Ascend Agency, ‘Ascend Gives Back’ is a Los Angeles-based philanthropic program that offers support to non-profit organizations, in causes ranging from wildlife conservation to suicide prevention.

Please donate via our Instagram fundraiser or our PayPal: info@28jun.org