February 4, 2019

WE DID IT! 28. Jun Delivers Gifts to Children in Kosovo i Metohija!

We are thrilled to announce that 3 months after beginning the ‘Dogodine u Prizrenu’ project, we have successfully completed the gift giving portion with deliveries to Serbian enclaves in KiM on Savindan (Jan. 27)! Our teams in the Diaspora worked tirelessly since November to acquire gifts and our local teams in the Balkans spent the majority of the last month delivering thousands of gifts to Serbian children in dozens of locations across the region.

In Serbia we focused on the south with the Kursumlija municipality and Serbian population centers in Kosovo and Metohija as the main recipients. In Krajina, our teams visited the Kistanje and Knin municipalities and surrounding villages. In Republika Srpska we focused on Banja Luka and in Montenegro we helped a family in Podgorrica. Schools and Churches were used as primary distribution centers and each delivery was documented daily on our social media.

As for the overall progress of the ‘Dogodine u Prizrenu’ project, we have now:
1. Submitted a petition signed by 150,000 people calling for the protection of Serbian cultural heritage in KiM at the United Nations.
2. Raised the issue of discriminatory policies against Kosovo Serbs 3 times at the United Nations; in New York, Geneva and Vienna.
3. Held events on every continent to raise awareness of the daily struggles Serbs face in Kosovo and Metohija.
4. Broke the blockade imposed by Kosovo authorities on food imports from Serbia with an emergency delivery of food supplies.
5. Delivered Christmas presents to underprivileged Serbian children in Kosovo and Metohija and throughout the region.

This week we expect our container with $700,000 worth of medical supplies to clear customs in Nis and for our team to visit Prizren and make a symbolic donation to the Monastery of the Holy Archangels, finally concluding the project. This has been our largest, most difficult and most rewarding project since 28. Jun was funded 7 years ago. We want to thank our supporters from the bottom of our hearts for helping us throughout this entire journey.