November 7, 2019

Your Donation Provided Homes For These Families

In addition to our ongoing monthly project to help Serbian families, in 2019 we aimed to provide four families (one every season), in particularily dire need, with a new home. With this week’s delivery, and with your help, we have succeeded in this ambitious goal. Starting with the most recent:

➤ We lobbied the Republika Srpska government to buy the Stojanovic family, from Doboj, a new home which we furnished.

➤ We built the Stefanovic family, from Medvedje, a new home from scratch.

➤ We lobbied the Serbian government, and helped build a home, for the Jovanovic siblings from Osecina.

➤ We bought the Majstorovic family from Zminjak, near Sabac, a new house.

➤ During this same period we also rennovated and furnished dozens of other homes.

As long as we have you to count on, these families have a fighting chance!

We Thank You in their name.