November 13, 2022

Jasenovac Memorial Temple in Republika Srpska Reaches Important Milestone

Since last July, we have raised $100,000 CAD for the construction of the Church of the Jasenovac Holy Martyrs in Medjuvodje. Over 70% of these funds have already been spent on materials and labour. Phase two of the construction, the walls of the Church, is nearing completion. Phase three, the roof, is scheduled to begin…

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November 9, 2022

28. Jun Awards Scholarships to 10 Exceptional University Students!

28. Jun has awarded $5,000 USD in scholarships to 10 exceptional university students. Our young scholars for each area of study are: ∙ Lazar Petrović (Law) ∙ Isidora Vulić (Graphic Design) ∙ Stefan Šajkarević (Political Science) ∙ Tina Jovanović (Journalism) ∙ Marija Rašković (Organizational Studies) ∙ Bojana Midžović (Sociology) ∙ Anđelija Vojinović (Medicine) ∙ Tijana Cvijić (Engineering)…

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November 7, 2022

28. Jun Renovates Elementary School Near Vranje

When we heard that students at Bora Stanković elementary school in the village of Barelić, 20 km from Vranje, go to school in a classroom full of mold, in which the ceiling threatens to collapse, we could not turn our heads. So, we sent our volunteers to help! Renovations took several months and included the following:…

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October 30, 2022

„Зовем се Милијана. Имам 9 година и хоћу да живим.”

​ПОТРЕСНА ПРИЧА СА ПЛАНИНЕ: Тешко болесна Милијана (9) и њена бака живе саме, далеко од цивилизације, ФАЛИ ИМ СВЕ!​ Драги пријатељу,   Милијана је тешко болесна, десни бубрег јој је потпуно отказао, а леви је тешко инфициран, не може да прича нити да хода самостално. О Милијани се брине њена стара бака Лепосава, како она не…

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October 30, 2022

Baka Leposava and her disabled granddaughter could freeze this winter, this is why we need you

Milijana and her grandma, Leposava, live in a village so small that it’s not listed on the map. Residing in a remote mountain, 40km from Kladovo, their heart-breaking yet heroic story is one our volunteers cannot get off their minds. We first introduced you to Milijana in 2019 when she was 6 years old. Born…

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October 18, 2022

Giveaway to benefit Serbian Kids!

We are launching a giveaway which will benefit Serbian children in need! We are giving away 50 exclusive prizes from Yeezy, Balenciaga, Apple, Stone Island, Fear of God, BAPE, Versace, Chanel, Lacoste, Carhartt, Fjallraven, ROKSANDA & more! • To participate, send an SMS to 1733 or donate a minimum of $7 via PayPal/Credit Card on — the more SMS…

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September 21, 2022

28. Jun će pokrenuti pravni postupak protiv lista ,,Novosti” zbog klevete

28. Jun je primoran da pokrene pravni postupak protiv lista ,,Novosti” zbog članka koji sugeriše da 28. Jun zloupotrebljava novac prikupljen za malog Pavla Dimitrijevića i njegovu porodicu. Naša organizacija je donirala 300,000 dinara Danici Dimitrijevic (dokaz ispod) što je bilo više nego dovoljno da pokrije sve troškove porodice vezane za putovanje u Beograd i…

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August 30, 2022

HITNO: Dvogodišnji Pavle nema prste i mora odmah da operiše vilicu! Porodica bez vode i higijenskih uslova prepuštena da preživljava

U selu Zdravinje nadomak Kruševca živi porodica Dimitrijević, u zasigurno najgorim nedaćama koje smo dosad imali prilike da vidimo. Majka Ivana i otac Jovan imaju četvoro dece od kojih je dvoje ometeno u razvoju i sa teškim zdravstvenim problemima. Najmlađi sin, Pavle (2 godine) ima težak oblik Aperovog sindroma i potrebna mu je hitna operacija…

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August 25, 2022

Humanitarian organization 28. Jun has launched a second wave of fundraising to complete the construction of the first Jasenovac memorial temple in Republika Srpska

A new promotional video featuring young actress Biljana Cekic (Dara of Jasenovac) was released to help bring awareness to the project. Additionally, 28. Jun Executive Director Snezana Dimitrijevic gave a string of interviews to both international and domestic media to drum up support for the project. Several weeks prior, 28. Jun purchased all the bricks needed to build the memorial. However, funds are…

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August 18, 2022

This is an Elementary School in Serbia in 2022 (Shocking Pictures)

Black mold, no heat, crumbling walls, a roof which can cave in at any moment. These are the conditions in which 16 students from ‘O.Š Bora Stanković’ elementary school near Vranje must try to learn in. While many of you spent your summer on the coast or in Belgrade, our volunteers have spent their summer…

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